Gardening the Community Alerts

Gardening the Community Alerts

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Non Profit Organization: 
Gardening the Community
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Challenge Description: 

Gardening the Community (GtC), based in Springfield, is a food justice organization engaged in youth development, urban agriculture and sustainable living to build healthy and equitable communities.GtC believes that in order to build a more equitable food system in the valley we need to have our communities involved in that effort.  In order to accomplish this mission people need to feel connected to the mission and feel that they too have a role to play.  While there is email, there is currently no effective way to mobilize the community for GtC.  A “GtC Alerts” app would do enable a new level of grassroots engagement and communication for the communities GtC touches.

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Solution Benefit(s): 

Gardening the Community often needs to reach the students it works with, their families, community members, and its alumni to communicate time-sensitive alerts like a call for volunteers, a need for equipment, or a fund raiser.  This solution will benefit GtC by allowing them to connect in a timely, efficient manner that can not only reap the desired outcomes but also enlarge the engaged community served by GtC.

Target Audience: 
Communities in the Pioneer Valley who care about food justice systems
Target Audience Needs: 

The audience needs to be engaged because food justice, particularly for our rural and urban populations, is such an important issue.

Data Needed: 

This is a new app for GtC and is, for now, standalone. It will need user names and their contact info (cell phone number or email address) as well as an interface for entering the alerts to be pushed out.

Product Owner: 
Anne Richmond
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