Share and Inspire: Teen Center Website

Share and Inspire: Teen Center Website

Challenge Team: 
Non Profit Organization: 
Girls, Inc
Non Profit Website:
Challenge Description: 

Kids at the Girls Inc Teen Center in Holyoke would like to have a place to share the things they do at all their great programs with their families and friends. They take photos, make videos, and write about things ranging from economic literacy, health, sports, art, and leadership but have no way to share their creations. They are excited to be able to share their work and hope to convince other girls to come join them!

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Solution Benefit(s): 

Girls Inc strives to help all girls be strong, smart, and bold. This website will provide them with a platform to share their work with a wider audience of parents, friends, and potentially other girls who may be inspired to join them.

During the development of this project, the teens will be learning web development and design skills. They will learn how to maintain a website, publishing new content on a regular basis.



Target Audience: 
Target Audience Needs: 

Kids at the Teen Center need to be able to add content in a variety of formats easily. Staff should be able to moderate posts. 

Support for mobile devices is critical since many kids and families use mobile devices as their primary internet access.

This project needs people with experience with web development and graphic design to help create the site. Skills with social media, copywriting, marketing, and content strategy will also be very useful. Interest in working with teens as they work to build the site would also be great.

Teens and staff from Girls Inc will be at the hackathon on Saturday to work on this project. They will present the results on Sunday afternoon. Partipants who work on this project on Saturday would be free to work on another project on Sunday if they desire.


Data Needed: 

Existing content will be gathered from photo and video archives at Girls Inc. Other material is available on existing Girls Inc social media outlets.

A calendar of activities is currently maintained in Outlook and may be imported from there.

Product Owner: 
Hilary Pollan
Product Owner Email Address: 
Product Owner Phone: 
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