Great Weekend at the Hackathon

Great Weekend at the Hackathon

When I signed up for Hack for Western Mass, I was not entirely sure if I would be useful here. Despite not being able to do anything more complicated that trial by error html tweaks on preexisting sites, I showed up to do whatever I could to help. I loved the Seed Swap Database challenge and joined up with Rosemary, Beryl, and Lou to work on a virtual seed library for the beautiful Hilltowns of Western Massachusetts.

While those three worked their magic on the seed database, I set up Facebook and Twitter accounts for the Hilltown Seed Saving Network, as well as a Hootsuite account for Twitter Scheduling. It felt great to get those set up so that the rest of the team could focus on building the site and the word can start getting out about this great new resource. I always love sharing good methods I’ve found, so I was very happy to show Rosemary how to use Hootsuite to schedule messages and Tagboard to find out how to connect with other seed savers online.

This has been an inspirational weekend, great job to the Hack for Western Mass organizers and I’ll be back next year!¬†




Sheila – your work is already yielding results. Because of the Facebook page, we’ve already made a seed swap with someone who’s developed a strain of Hubbard squash for high elevations, and we’re getting messages from like-minded organizations we didn’t even know existed. Your skill set was a bonus to this project I hadn’t even imagined!

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  • Jun 02, 2013

This is the kind of thing that makes a project seem alive. More things are likely to happen with it because people know about it.

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