Hello from Northampton!


Hello, Northampton Team!
Here is our team page! It appears that this is a place where we can post notes that are of interest to the group. You may need to log in to get here.

There is a condensed overview of the process on the site on the Teams and Projects page. It looks like at this point we are Project Organizers for the potential challenges that we are researching. When we meet at the end of the month, your information for the organizations you want to pitch should be loaded into a pitch deck, and we will view those decks during the session. There is a conference room at Last Call with a big screen so we can easily view the decks during the meeting and modify those decks for the selected projects as needed.

We will be able to have each of you be a Project Manager if you wish – we are not limited to 2 projects since we can select projects of varying scope. We will associate a PM to each challenge that we will be presenting at the event during the meeting, and that PM will enter the their information in the Add Challenges page on the website (or, we can work on this together, possibly at a subsequent meeting). The slide deck should be in final format at this point, as the url to the slide deck is one of the items that needs to be entered on that page.  Once the challenge is added using that page it will appear on the Current Challenges page, and I will also be able to add it to our page – it will appear beneath a new heading next to the Team Members heading.

I hope this is helpful information, and feel free to post any general thoughts, questions or comments on our page moving forward.