Family Child Care Provider Portal

Family Child Care Provider Portal

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Non Profit Organization: 
Square One
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Challenge Description: 

Square One manages between 40 – 50 family care providers who care for children in their own home, in addition to its own facilities.  To be compliant with state rules, every morning, a Square One staff member calls each provider to ask them who is in attendance and who is absent and, if absent, the reason.  This information is then put on a spreadsheet and used by a caseworker for oversight purposes and administrative staff for billing. Square One would benefit from a web-based system to facilitate this data entry.

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Solution Benefit(s): 

Square One is providing an incredible service to a community which is trying to better themselves through self-improvement and education.  Helping them be more efficient enables them to use their other limited resources on reaching more parents who need daycare for their children.  The fact that they are doing so much manually using telephone call-ins and fax reporting is antiquated, error-prone, and super inefficient.

Target Audience: 
Square One staff and their network of Family Child Care providers
Target Audience Needs: 

The secure information collected by Square One staff from the Family Child Care providers on a daily basis is currently done in a cumbersome, extremely manual process.  Errors in data transcription may also occur.

The Family Child Care Providers are likely keeping their own systems in parallel, or perhaps not.  They need to have an online system for reporting this info and possibly helping them to generate their invoices.

Data Needed: 

For starters: Name of provider, Name of child, Date, Status, Excused or Unexcused absence. Square One will provide the full list of fields which need collecting, as well as exception handling.

Product Owner: 
Len Lucien
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