Getting Into Slack

1.Find your email with this subject:
(organizer) Cristos L-C has invited you to join Hack for Western Mass on Slack

If you didn’t get one, go to or see a volunteer.

2. Click “Join the Team” and see this web page:

3. User names should be short. Good if they ID your project or role, e.g. “organizer-bram” or “dialself-phil” .

4. Install the app for whatever you’re carrying. so that you can get notifications when someone messages you.

5. Look at the channels and click them to join them. We won’t send announcements unless important so check those.  You can send we need help requests (for attention by organizers and free agents) or add to general discussion.  If you are a free agent, you have your own channel. If you want to create a channel for your team, go ahead once you are all together (so you don’t duplicate efforts).