Layout and Theme Upgrade for a Drupal Site

Layout and Theme Upgrade for a Drupal Site

Challenge Team: 
Non Profit Organization: 
PV Local First
Non Profit Website:
Challenge Description: 

PV Local First has a website with tons of information on the benefits of shopping, banking, and eating local, plus a directory of local businesses in the area. This site is a bit outdated and disorganized, we’d like help with some improvements:

  • Present businesses by category & by town so it’s easier for users to discover businesses relevant to their needs, for example see
  • Layout & responsive design improvements to make the site as user-friendly as possible across all devices (including mobile)
  • Styling & theming updates as the team and product owner see fit, to make the site more appealing visually

More detail is available at the Github repository.

Slide Deck URL:…
Solution Benefit(s): 

A more organized and more mobile-friendly website will allow PV Local First to be more effective at connecting buyers with local sellers and making the public aware of the multiplier benefits of buying, banking, and eating local – whether the user is on their computer at home, or on Main St. looking up nearby businesses on their phone.

Target Audience: 
All residents in the Pioneer Valley
Target Audience Needs: 
  • More organized, more usable site layout
  • More organized business directory page
  • Better user experience on mobile devices
Data Needed: 

We’ll provide a complete copy of the current (Drupal) site and database as a starting point for the hackers to work with. (We don’t have this prepared yet but we’ll coordinate with the organizers before the event to ensure hosting for the preview site.) Nina, the Product Owner, will also bring assorted ideas for how the layout could be improved to the event (and I expect the team will come up with many ideas on-the-spot as well).

Product Owner: 
Nina Smolyar, Director of Operations at PV Local First
Product Owner Email Address: 
Product Owner Phone: 
(617) 935-3298
Challenge Image: 

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