Permaculture Network Site Upgrade

Permaculture Network Site Upgrade

Challenge Team: 
Non Profit Organization: 
Permaculture Institute of the Northeast (PINE)
Non Profit Website:
Challenge Description: 

The Permaculture Institute of the Northeast (PINE)  increases the resilience of the Northeast region by strengthening the regional permaculture network and increasing public access to relevant education and resources.  We do this by hosting regional events and promoting local projects and courses. We want to build a website to support this work, making it easy to share and find permaculture resources of various types. We need a website to help.

  • Our members are geographically spread out, rarely meet.
  • Most members have little time to spend on the computer.
  • Most members have little money; need low cost solutions.

To solve this problem, we would like to make these improvements to our existing WordPress site: 

  • Design and apply three Gravity Forms databases for Jobs and Internships, Permaculture Design Courses, and Demonstration Sites.  We have real data to import into these databases. 
  • Integrate these databases into our existing WordPress site so that people can search and add resources, with organizational moderation.
  • Identify and apply a new site theme that reflects the cutting edge of ecological design, similar to the following sites: 

We will be working on the live site. 

Slide Deck URL:…
Solution Benefit(s): 

How will meeting this challenge impact/benefit the public?

  • New people will find Permaculture (community + solutions).
  • Practitioners will have better access to INFORMATION + EDUCATION:
    • Courses, Jobs, internships, demonstration sites, local hubs
  • Permaculture Businesses (design/installers, educators)
    • more easily reach their clients, gain professional recognition.
  • Face-to-Face recognition + networking via
    Humans of NE Permaculture ‘photo + quote’ page

Human beings live well in harmony with the earth.

Data Needed: 

People + Quotes will be RSS feed from Nationbuilder (Ruby) site Question- Will we stay w/ WordPress and Gravity Forms plugin… or will we go Drupal… and if so, when?

Product Owner: 
Elyssa Serrilli
Product Owner Email Address: 
Product Owner Phone: 
Challenge Image: 

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